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From Barrier Design to Installation, London Gate solutions is committed to providing quality and professional service to both residential and commercial sectors.

Barriers are very effective in regulating access to your property. It doesn’t matter if you own a business, an industrial yard, a parking structure, loading dock, factory or a house; they are very useful in limiting access. They create a point of control through which supervision of incoming traffic can be controlled. There are even some system controlled barriers that can authorize the entry of certain people. These system controlled barriers are fitted with recognition systems such as PIN, Keycards, Vehicle Detection providing you full control over who can enter your site/home/workplace. Our barriers are not just for big organizations, we cater to all sorts of projects and our variety includes beams starting from as little as two meters to upto seven meters so you can choose the barrier that best suits your requirements.

These barriers act as a deterrent limiting and controlling access giving you the sense of security you need.

  • Easy Installation and Low Maintenance: All our systems are very easy to install and operate; we can do the installation for you If you want. Our systems also require very little maintenance.
  • High Quality and Affordable: The quality of our service and materials is unmatched and meets all the GB quality standards. We offer our services at competitive prices without any compromise on quality.

We have a range of different barriers available which are:

1. Arm Barriers:

Arm Barriers are low maintenance and economical of controlling unauthorized access thus greatly enhancing the level of your security.

  • Standard Arm Barriers.
  • Heavy Duty Arm Barriers.
  • Automatic Arm Barriers.

2. Safety Barriers:

Safety Barriers are used to prevent accidents and help alleviate the risk. Following are the types of safety barriers we offer:

  • Plastic Safety Barriers.
  • Works Safety Barriers.
  • Metal Safety Barriers.

3. Hoop Barriers:

Hoop Barriers help in securing site perimeters and controlling vehicular access. They can be provided either with or without a crowbar.

4. Crash Barriers:

The main purpose of the crash barriers is to prevent accidents. They are normally installed at the roadside preventing collision with building, walls, drains etc. They also prevent vehicles from entering deep water.

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