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We offer the widest range of Driveway & Pedestrian Designs.
At London Gate solutions we provide our customers a varied collection of designs to choose from, so that you are able to find something that is closest to your requirement and style.

We design and manufacture various varieties of gates and provide you with the alternatives you desire when you want to install a driveway or pedestrian gate at your home or place of work or replace your old one with a new design closer to your requirements. The basic material of design and the various functions or utilities it offers are the various factors that you should consider when selecting a gate. We offer multiple options in all the mentioned aspects.

In selecting your new design, you should know that we can get custom made to integrate if not all than at least most of your requirements. Gates can be as basic or as intricate in functions as you may want them to be.

We use steel, Knott wood (aluminium) or a combination of the two as the basic component of the gate’s structure. We offer designs ranging from simple to intricate to opulent – whatever design you can visualize for your gate, we can bring it to reality.

The designs given here are just to give you an idea of the shapes, sizes and basic designs – once you have selected your option, we can add various elements to the gate as per your requirement. The basic gate structure as well as the added elements can be finished in any colour of your choice.

Of course, the type of gate that you choose will depend completely on the purpose you are installing it for. If the gate is being used just as a point of entry for a house in a safe neighbourhood then its style and level of complexity will be very different from one being installed at a military establishment. The size, style and added security features will vary for each gate installation based on its purpose.

Please go through our Gate Design portfolio and once you have selected one or have a visualization of your requirement in your mind, contact us and we will take over from there.

Gates Designs

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