Automated / Electric Gate Maintenance

Remembering to get your service booked in for your automated entrance can be a tiresome task to undertake, especially when we are so busy with work and family life. Well here at London Gate solutions we do all the hard work for you. We will keep you informed of when the services are due, and we will get it booked in for a date that best suits you.

All our service and maintenance contracts are bespoke and designed to cater for any system and setup that may be installed at a property. We currently look after many client’s automated/electric gate systems including residential, commercial, car parks, schools, block management and industrial systems.

We can offer service and maintenance on your existing gate system even if we haven’t installed the original system.

Automatic/electric gate maintenance is important to ensure the safety features are functioning correctly and to prevent failures that could cause major disruption to day-to-day operations at the site where the automated entry system is installed.

Depending on the usage, electric motorized systems should be serviced, maintained and repaired at least once every six months.

Gate Maintenance in London

All Automated System Services Include.

  • A thorough check-up of the system in question to make sure that every part is in proper working order. The entire process takes approximately 20-30 minutes per gateway.
  • Before the servicing of the system is carried out the engineer will request that the customer operates the system. This process is undertaken to determine if the system is in working order prior to undertaking any servicing work. In case of obvious faults in the system, the visit will be charged as a fault find rather than a service
  • All moving parts will be thoroughly cleansed, lubricated and checked for any abrasion. The engineer will also check the following:
    1. Alignment of hinges.
    2. Check & clean the gate track.
    3. Check underground foundation box & drainage.
    4. Safety edges are fully operating, photocells are aligned, and the gate stops and returns on impact.
    5. Check for oil leaks.
    6. Clean of dust & insect nests on all safety devices and circuitry.
    7. Check all welds for potential fractures.
    8. If included the intercom systems, including keypads access control will also be checked.
  • Once complete, a written report will be submitted to the customer. This report will detail any issues that may have been discovered with recommendations of any parts and repairs needed.
  • In case any work is carried out on-site due to issues discovered while servicing, these shall be charged independently based on its nature. Following the consent of the customer to carry out the repairs.

Alternatively, we can also offer a one-off service to your system based on your requirements.
If you would like to arrange a site survey so we can assess your system and provide a competitive quotation or discuss taking out a maintenance contract to your existing automatic system, please call London Gate Solutions on 020 8281 5190 and our team will be happy to help.

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