Bollard Designs

London Gate solutions offer a wide variety of bollard design solutions for our clients. Our experts are there to help you throughout the process i.e. from beginning till the end. We provide consultation, planning and installation services to clients that are considering bollards for restricting access, separating traffic, parking control or infrastructure security.

Bollards are used mainly as boundary markers and barriers. A bollard is actually a short post that is built to lead the traffic and protect against vehicle intrusions. Bollards are used as visual barriers, to manage traffic, to protect pedestrians and also installed to stand firm against vehicular impacts. They are also used for decorative purposes at times to enhance the aesthetic beauty of a building or a landscape.

Visual Barriers:

They serve as visual barriers for drivers and car owners. Bollards help in guiding / regulating traffic and limiting access to restricted areas. They are very useful in handling pedestrian flow as well.

Physical Protection:

Bollards are built to bear high impact vehicular collisions. The steel pipes are further secured and embedded in concrete making it strong enough to withstand high impact crashes i.e. accidental or intentional. Bollards provide ideal protection in sensitive locations like building entrances and pedestrian areas.

Decorative Appeal:

Bollards also come in different shapes and designs with covers that add to the overall visual quality of a building or an area. They come in many stylish and pleasing designs and can also be custom designed to complement the texture, color, material and shape of its surroundings.

Multiple Applications:

There are many different types of bollards, while some are permanently fixed; there are also bollards available that are removable, retractable and collapsible. These bollards are ideal for locations where needs are constantly changing i.e. seasonal or parking requirements.

We have a range of different bollards available which are:

  • Traffic Cones: Traffic cones are placed on roads to temporarily redirect traffic safely during construction projects or traffic accidents.
  • Plastic and Steel Bollards: They are often used to limit access and segment vehicles and property.
  • Removable Bollards: Such flexible bollards are perfect for locations with changing access needs.
  • Street Bollards: They are placed on streets to guide pedestrian flow and limit vehicle access.
  • Illuminated Bollards: These are used to increase visibility in areas where lights are low or dark.

Different Parking and Security Posts are also available for better managing parking facilities:

  • Parking Posts.
  • Security Steel Posts.
  • Chain Posts.
  • Kerbs.

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Bollard Designs

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